By and large, there are two main groups, which in turn are divided into subspecies, these are classic Men's shirts and Men's casual.

Classic or formal Men's shirts.

Such Men's shirts are usually white or blue, sewn with closed seams without overlock, mostly monotone, but may have small patterns, such as a narrow stripe or tattersall check.

Men's Casual Shirt Online In Pakistan


Formal Men's shirts require a tie or bow tie, and since there are usually more of these accessories in the wardrobe than shirts themselves, their monotony is a great way to simplify the selection of combinations and reduce the possibility of error in creating an image.


The collars of classic Men's shirts are rigid, usually equipped with special elastic plates to hold the shape, designed for a wide tie knot, they are loose, have a straight cut and a slightly elongated bottom for more secure tucking into trousers.


Casual Men's shirts

This group does not have such pronounced canonical features as formal shirts. They are much more versatile and greater for all occasions, they can be worn both in everyday life and for business events, as long as they do not require a very rigid dress code.

Men's Casual Shirt Online In Pakistan


Such Men's shirts are usually fitted, have a large and solid print, whether it be buffalo check, polka dots, floral or geometric patterns, all this is more than acceptable in a casual style.


Often, they have a shortened collar, cuffs are fastened with buttons, only occasionally cufflinks are allowed. They can be worn tucked in or out. They go great with denim and trousers, look great in combination with leather jackets or, say, with a Harrington. In general, a complete variety of choices, which depends solely on your inner sense of aesthetics and style preferences.



The fitted cut first of all allows the shirt to become an independent element, the main part of the bow, which does not require, say, a jacket, sweater or any other outerwear that goes with shirts.

Men's Casual Shirt Online In Pakistan


The ideal size of a fitted shirt is achieved if the line of buttons runs exactly in the center, snugly fitting to the body, and the shoulder seam runs exactly the width of the shoulders.


These shirts are most often formal. The simple cut is comfortable and perfectly complemented by a jacket or any other outerwear. The most important attribute of a straight-cut shirt is the collar and cuffs. Such shirts should be worn tucked in and, if possible, never worn without basic outerwear.


The cuffs should be a few centimeters longer than the edge of the jacket sleeve, and be loose enough to easily slip a finger under them, the volume should be such that the watch fits under the cuff without clinging to it.

Shirts with a straight bottom.

Regarding these shirts, there are no clear rules about whether to wear them tucked in or out. It all depends on the length of the shirt and your preferences. Casual shirts are usually cut in this way in order to create a strict visual look.

Shirts with a curly bottom.

This style is specially made in order to be conveniently tucked into trousers. It is for this that the back is elongated compared to the front, with the right selection of the bow, it can also be worn for release, for example, combined with denim.


As already mentioned, the ideal sleeve length should run along the line connecting the hand with the forearm, in which case the shirt will cover half of the wristwatch dial and run a couple of centimeters longer than the jacket sleeve.

Men's Casual Shirt Online In Pakistan


If neither a watch nor a jacket is supposed to be, then it doesn’t make sense to bother too much about the length either, start from your subjective opinion as to what length “as if you took it from your younger brother”, and which one “as if you took it from dad” .


There are also shirts with short sleeves, in which the problem of sleeve length does not exist at all. Such a shirt will be an excellent subject of your bow in hot weather, and also goes well with knitwear, for example, with a vest.


It's also an "office style" item, which usually looks very sad, but with due diligence can still be a stylish choice.

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