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For most men, choosing a shirt seems to be nothing at first. But when you get to the stores, especially the online ones, the choices are quite difficult. The big disadvantage of shirts is the fact that they can rarely be tried on, as they are packed in special packaging. Sure, it's totally unhygienic to try on shirts, which is why very few stores offer a try-on set.

So, how to choose the ideal shirt for a man?

In principle, everything is a matter of taste. There are, of course, some things that should be taken into account, such as facts like:

 a corpulent man will never wear fitted shirts or slim fit shirts;

buttons play an important role in the purchase decision. If they don't look good, then, most likely, the material is also of poor quality. Basically, no producer who cares about his customers can afford to neglect this aspect;

the collars of men's white or light-coloured shirts get dirty very easily. However, bleach should only be used to clean white shirts, not colored ones;

before buying such an item of clothing, it is necessary to determine how it will be used: if it is a consumer shirt, i.e. if it will be worn to work quite often, the investment in the products of an expensive brand does not seem very justified, especially that said product will be washed very often. On the other hand, if the said shirt will be used for special occasions or for business outfits, then of course, the investment in a more expensive and better quality product is completely justified;

Otherwise, everything is a matter of taste. The sizes (very important to know the circumference of the neck and shoulders when buying online), colors and models can be chosen easily, without the need for special recommendations.

We go on diets after diets and give our best in the gym, but we also have to be satisfied when we finally manage to lose our belly, what do you think?

Nothing compares to some elegant men's shirts beautifully placed on a spartan silhouette. Nothing can be more elegant and masculine on a man than an elegant shirt matched with a stylish suit.

Well, you probably caught me writing this post specifically to spite you and to push you to work harder, to want to lose more weight and to be able to wear elegant shirts without having to tighten your stomach and hold breathing to keep your belly under control when you pass by a lady you like. It is a very good idea to start a weight loss program if you are not already in the middle of one and to monitor your results.

When you reach the stage where you can wear a men's shirt with the right size for you without the belly rising proud like a small depression then you can say that your weight loss cure and all the hours of training have given the desired results.

Did you know that? …

Shirts appeared for the first time in the form of intimate underwear without buttons since the 3rd century, used by both women and men. This was in the form of a dress that was tied at the waist with a cord. With the passage of time, the models diversified, appearing on the market shirts with pearls, precious stones and then shirts with buttons.

In those eras, men's shirts were made of linen or cotton and women's shirts were made of very good quality silk or linen. In order to make a shirt as special as possible, the tailors embroidered the collar and cuffs, and they were closed with the help of an embroidered cord. The women's shirts differed from the men's by the

material but also by the very deep neckline (present on the ladies) and the wide sleeves. Of course, the women wore the shirts with a corset and the men with a vest.

The collar appeared around the 16th century, being very wavy, made of lace and very voluminous.

Men's shirt online in Pakistan

Casual men's shirts

Even if the genesis of the casual shirt seems to be lost in the mists of time, being extremely used to it and seeming like we've been wearing it forever, this is also an acquisition of the last century, but not as recent as the slim fit. The casual men's shirt is currently part of a man's life, being suitable for everyday casual wear.


A casual checked shirt can be worn equally with jeans or other types of pants and has the advantage of comfort on its side. Lacking the rigors of formal attire, it can be worn in many clothing combinations, in many colors and cuts and without any space occasion, but simply out of the desire to be elegant in a relaxed manner. And for this reason, as a rule, it is worn without a tie, which means that it opens at the last button at the neck.


Men's shirt online in Pakistan

Men's office shirts

Office work has always assumed a certain dress code that favored imposing and elegant attire, which, in the case of the male sex, meant, most of the time, a men's office shirt. That is, that shirt that gives the user performance, his image playing an important role in his business interactions. For this reason, the office shirt could and may continue to be accompanied by a jacket or even a tie, but it is not mandatory.


It can just as well be used in bolder combinations where, for example, a younger and more non-conformist corporate environment allows it. And where these concessions are still not very encouraged, such as banking environments, for example, you can still give a modern air to the outfit by giving up the tie and choosing a slightly bolder, but not garish, color. A pastel can be such a solution that not only refreshes your look, but also benefits your complexion. Because among the virtues of such a choice is that of creating a contrast between the pale shade of the shirt and the complexion, which will make it appear more flushed



Men's shirt online in Pakistan

 The story of shirts: the brief history of the most durable piece in the men's wardrobe


The shirt is one of the most common items of clothing in a man's wardrobe. This article of clothing is a classic piece that defines a man's style. But shirts were not always as we know them today. They have gradually evolved over the centuries, becoming a clothing item that cannot be missing from anyone's wardrobe, so that it is difficult for us to imagine a world without them.

Like most things that have evolved over the years, the evolution of the shirt has a beautiful journey through time, and we'll go through its most important historical

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