Casual shirt: Our styling tips

The essential things to remember for a men's casual shirt

For the sake of precision and sartorial ethics, we sometimes have several sections concerning a single piece of men's wardrobe. Indeed, it is necessary to differentiate a formal shirt from a casual shirt so as not to commit a fault of taste . Similar to the formal shirt style tips, we decided to list down the crucial points regarding the casual shirt! 

A. The fabric/pattern/color

Here are the different materials and weaves of men's casual shirts and their specificities: - linen: THE material of excellence for the summer because it absorbs moisture better and breathes better than cotton

-cotton flannel: a thicker weave that is therefore more suitable for a cooler and winter season, its texture is moreover more elaborate and term of patterns than linen which is very often plain - denim and cotton chambray : weaves with more workwear connotations, supple and comfortable for work texture on these materials can be very advanced.

-twill and canvas are also cotton weaves that can be worn casually.

As far as the patterns are concerned, several types are preferred:

- checks

– fine stripes: provided that they are not navy blue because they are too formal

– rarer patterns such as gingham for example .

As for colors, casual shirts do not suffer from the same straitjacket as formal shirts, all colors are eligible!


Checked Casual Shirt Online In Pakistan

DO : The very worked and thick texture of the flannel (?) allows us to immediately identify the casual register of this one.

DON'T : When I said that all colors were eligible for the casual register, I was wrong. This shirt tries to borrow its codes from the polo shirt, the only result is a confused hybrid.


B. Fit


A casual shirt prefers a more comfortable and looser fit than a formal shirt . The first reason is that it must be looser and more comfortable, in addition the materials are often heavier and it can be unpleasant if the material rubs the skin too much . It must be able to be worn outside the pants as well as inside, so it will necessarily be shorter than a formal shirt.



DO : This chambray shirt has a nice shoulder line and fits Valery's morphology properly without being as fitted as a formal shirt.
DON'T : We seriously wonder when this shirt is going to explode... It manages the feat of being both too wide at the level of the arms and much too tight on the torso and the shoulders which are moreover scowling. 


C. Finishes

Just like for a formal shirt, we will analyze the collar, the sleeves, the buttoning, the details of the seam … With the exception that it will include subtle differences on these points compared to dress shirts:
– soft collars for example, rigid collars are intended for wearing a tie and therefore a formal register
– one or even two chest pockets (for denim shirts)
– buttons that are more visible and which will contrast more with the fabric: for example, there will be no not uncommon to see wooden buttons on dark flannel


      Shirt For Men's Online In Pakistan     Men's Shirt In Pakistan

DO : A soft collar, a clearly visible buttonhole in corozo, these are finishes that clearly demonstrate its belonging to the casual register
DON'T : A collar unknown to the battalion (and that's good), a buttonhole that is certainly visible but which we know would spare this white topstitching which literally destroys any elegant gait. Finally, a little final touch of clumsy eccentricity, the white topstitching on the cuffs which exacerbates the whole. 


This section is only the brief summary of the  guide which deals with the matter with greater relevance and depth. Do not hesitate to consult it, it will make you a consumer demanding that we do not deceive.

Do you have any doubts about how to wear well or choose another piece of the men's wardrobe  ? So take two minutes to read our style tips on formal  Shirt 

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