Best Men's Casual Shirts in Pakistan

Best Men's Casual Shirts

Regarding fashion, just like every other gender, men care a lot about their looks. Clothing plays a huge role in deciding how a man looks. Formal shirts are not to be worried about as long as they are tidyneatly stitched, and ironed, but casual shirts demand much more. Casual shirts appeal more to men as they are comfortable.

Of course, who wouldn't want to wear something comfortable and feel relaxed? 

One of the main reasons why men prefer casual wear is because they are easy to maintain. These shirts don't oblige men to sit in a specific posture or tuck the shirt into the pants. They feel at home when they wear casual wear. One another reason is that they don't have to be ironed as much as casual shirts. You can wear them to any informal occasion at any time of the day.

Below, to inform you about casual shirts and help you buy the best ones for yourself, we have made a detailed list of different types of casual wear.


Casual Check Shirts

This is the most common and preferred casual wear, especially among Pakistanis. There are several other checkered casual shirts, including Buffalo checkTartan checkMadras checkPlaid check, and Gingham check, but Pakistanis are generally less aware of this terminology.

For the Summer season, men prefer light-colored checkered shirts and avoid dark colors because dark colors absorb more sunlight making them hot and uncomfortable to wear. Today, in the fashion industrycheckered flannel shirts are one of the highly demanded types of casual checkered wear. In winters, men prefer darker shades of checkered flannel shirts.

Checkered shirts are considered the best design if they have metal tich buttons contrasting the shirt's color. Pockets don't matter in checkered shirts. Only the design does. It is considered perfect if it has a button-down collar and an expansive front placket. 

How to wear

Checkered shirts look better with the sleeves rolled down and buttoned. The shirt looks better when tucked into the pants. It gives you a confident look that everybody is looking for.

Bottom recommendation

We recommend wearing dark blue jeans with checkered shirts to pull up a great look. Wear dark blue jeans will look much better if you put on long leather boots, but casual sneakers would go along well with it too. 

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts look very appealing to younger customersCasual printed shirts may have any prints on them, whether they may be flowers, fruits, words, or anything else. Floral printed shirts look great in summers as they give off the relaxed tropical vibe. Printed shirts usually come in lighter colors such as sky blue, peach, light green,

Printed shirts usually have plastic buttons matching the color shade of the shirt. They come in half as well as full sleeves. Printed shirts come in two types of collars: the regular and the Chinese, but both are buttoned-up collars. Men commonly wear printed shirts during the summer and spring, only to resonate with the floral vibe of the spring season and the tropical vibe of summers.

How to wear

Printed shirts look great when their sleeves are rolled up, accompanied by a wristwatch probably of silver color. Printed shirts should not be tucked in as the design may be cut down. It would make you look congested and uncomfortable.

Bottom recommendation

Any dark or bright-toned pants would go along very well with printed shirts, especially plain black or white jeans. Long leather boots with them would give you a very odd look; therefore, choosing a pair of nice cool sneakers is better.

Striped Shirts

Striped shirts are usually multicolored, having at least two different colors. They commonly have black or white stripes in addition to other colors, but sometimes it's just black and white stripes alone. Striped shirts come in horizontal and vertical stripes, but the latter type is more common and preferred among men.

Wearing striped shirts gives you a refreshingly clean look. If you are skinny or have a slim body type, try horizontally striped shirts, as vertically striped shirts may make you appear thinner. Striped shirts mostly have white or black plastic buttons. They come in both variations: half sleeves and full sleeves. Striped shirts are best for party wear. Summer and autumn are the best seasons to pull out a great look in striped shirts.

How to wear

If you opt-out of striped shirts, consider buying half-sleeved ones, but you can also buy the other variety if the weather is mildly cold. You can roll over the sleeves and leave the shirt untucked. Tucking it in the pants would make you look very odd. Moreover, open the upper first two buttons to look more relaxed and comfortable.

Bottom recommendation

Like printed shirts, wear plain black or white jeans with striped shirts. You can fold the bottom of the jeans a little and wear plain white sneakers to give off an effortless but attractive vibe.

Denim shirts

Denim shirts usually come in shades of blue as well as gray and black. Denim shirts are perfect for winter wear because they are made from thick fabric that helps keep your body temperature warm during winter. The cold bluish colors resonate perfectly with the wintery vibe.

Denim shirts mostly have metal or pearly white plastic buttons that suit the shirt's color well. Mostly, denim shirts have one front pocket at the upper left corner or no pocket.

How to wear

Denim shirts should never be tucked under the pants, just like every other variety of casual shirts. Men usually roll up the sleeves of denim shirts and leave the upper two buttons unbuttoned to look cool.

Bottom recommendation

Denim shirts go well with denim jeans of the same color as the shirt. If you have a blue-colored denim shirt, go for blue denim jeans. You can also wear white or blue sneakers and wrist watch to pull up a catchy and unique look.

Conclusive Words

In conclusion to everything we have stated so far, it is clear that men's casual wear is comfortable to wear, and all of its varieties are unique and good in their way. After reading this article, we hope you can choose the best casual shirt according to your needs and occasions. We would suggest casual denim shirts as they would make you look stand out and unique, but you should

Good luck buying the best casual shirts for yourself and your loved ones!
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